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Transform Your Finances with Outsourced Accounting


Seamlessly handle your day-to-day accounting tasks, optimize cash flow, generate financial reports, and provide strategic advise.

Powerful Accounting Solutions

Harness the power of our comprehensive accounting solutions to effectively manage AP/AR, streamline month-end close processes, reconcile accounts, forecast cash flow, generate customized financial reports, and receive strategic advisement. Take complete control of your financial operations with our expert guidance.

Daily Administration

Daily management of transactional and administrative data such as bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable functions, and more

Budget and Forecast Management

Management of budgets and forecasts helping the organization see the forest from the trees

Month-End Close Management

We manage the month-end close process that leads to accurate financial reporting, including all monthly general ledger entries, and account reconciliation preparation

Cashflow Management

Weekly and monthly cashflow forecasting to keep business owners and CEOs on track

Financial Reporting & Variance Analytics

Customized reporting packages with budget and analysis to keep leadership on track and telling the story of your organization’s operations

Strategy & Advisement

We’re your strategic partner in finance leadership to establish goals, priorities, and initiatives to better guide your organization


Rest easy with our comprehensive back-office accounting solution that handles all your finance needs, from day-to-day tasks to strategic financial management. Trust our professionals to focus on growing your business so you can relax.

Unlock Your Accounting Potential

Streamline operations, gain financial confidence, and unlock valuable insights with improved reporting and expertise.

Streamlined Operations

Effortlessly manage day-to-day tasks, eliminating any gaps or oversights.

Cash Flow Confidence

Ensure timely payments and prevent cash-flow shortages for a worry-free financial position.

Cost Optimization

Overcome budget constraints by saving on labor, benefits, and taxes, while maximizing profitability.

Enhanced Expertise

Expand your finance capabilities with expert implementation of best practices, bridging any knowledge gaps.

Financial Insights

Gain valuable visibility into key metrics and reporting data to assess and improve your financial health.

Timely Accuracy

Eliminate obstacles to reporting accuracy and timeliness, ensuring reliable financial information.


“Our operations team needed detailed visibility into our capital spending projects to better communicate with the team on performance and forecasting. Our existing process didn’t have the degree of visibility we needed, so operations couldn’t rely on the reports they were getting. Ellevate helped us implement our budget process at the AFE capital expenditure level and built in an analytical process that compared actuals to budget. We now have the visibility we need to strategize and act accordingly-Ellevate rocked it!”

VP Finance

Energy Company

When we lost one of our key finance positions, the finance department fell seriously behind in relaying financial information to our operations team. Ellevate caught us up and streamlined and abbreviated our reporting process to provide timely financial statements. They also created additional metrics and analytics to provide deeper insights our team could use in planning. Lindsay, your team is fantastic, and your leadership through this process was over and above. Thank you so much.


Construction Company

“Turnover in our finance department had us reach out for assistance to get our arms around our processes and manage them going forward. Ellevate uncovered that our processes were undocumented, highly manual, and email intensive, leading to errors. Lindsay and her team redeveloped our process and took over management, while implementing a workflow tool to automate our approvals for payables. We had a new structure that reduced risk around our key processes, using workflows, process documentation, and training that Ellevate developed for us. Many thanks, Ellevate!”



“The finance department is pivotal to the work we do for clients. Before we hired Ellevate, I was getting pulled into the weeds of the day-to-day, often doing transactional work, leaving zero capacity to onboard new clients. This was seriously affecting our revenue performance. I onboarded Lindsay and her team and shifted the day-to-day workload to them. They were quickly fully functional—I got out of the weeds and focused on a new strategy and process for my department to onboard clients efficiently and manage them effectively, providing necessary support to the rest of our operational team. I couldn’t have done it without Ellevate. “


Financial Management Company

“We had completed an acquisition, and the revenue process we inherited was a mess. The monthly close was taking over ten days, and the processes were highly complex, manual, and undocumented. There was concern over the accuracy of the financial statements as they related to revenue, which posed a risk to the accuracy of our financial reports. Lindsay and the Ellevate team helped us to get the right butts in the right seats with the right level of oversight to stop the bleeding. They simplified and automated our process, shaving four days off our close cycle, improving the accuracy of our accruals, and giving us confidence in our financial statements as we advance. It’s good to have straightened this situation out so quickly.”


Energy Company

“During some turnover in our finance department, bills weren’t getting paid, and balls were being dropped left and right. Our processes were highly manual, lacking adequate documentation. We didn’t have detailed visibility into our financials and weren’t even sure of their accuracy. Our accounting team was slow to respond and not resolving issues quickly enough. In the first three months of working with Ellevate, they absorbed our finance processes, documented workflows for us, prepared our financials, assessed our current situation, and gave us a roadmap for enhancing our financial structure so we could scale. After 90 days, we were no longer flailing, and we feel good about the steps we are taking to prepare our organization for accelerated growth.”


Manufacturing/E-Commerce Company


Experience seamless integration between your finance and operations teams, ensuring smooth collaboration, streamlined processes, and optimized decision-making. Bridge the gap between these critical functions and unlock new levels of efficiency and success for your business.


Ready to streamline your finances and empower your business growth? Our team is standing by.


What are managed services?2023-07-12T14:17:00+00:00

Managed Services refers to outsourcing specific tasks, functions, or processes to a third-party provider. In this arrangement, the provider assumes responsibility for proactively managing, monitoring, and maintaining the designated services, often on a subscription or contract basis. The goal of Managed Services is to enhance operational efficiency, optimize performance, and reduce the burden on internal resources within an organization. The provider takes on the role of a trusted partner, ensuring that the designated services are delivered reliably and effectively, allowing the client organization to focus on its core business activities.

What is the difference between managed services and outsourcing?2023-07-12T14:17:53+00:00

Managed services and outsourcing are similar, but managed services operate as a partnership. We handle the processes and communicate information promptly, fostering a collaborative relationship that requires active communication between both parties.

What is the right level of hire for all help that is needed related to accounting and finance?2023-07-12T14:18:51+00:00

The nature of work determines the factors to consider. For repeatable processes, we analyze their time commitment and complexity. This allows us to rank processes based on skill requirements, helping us determine the appropriate hire level. Before making hiring or contracting decisions, assessing the workload in terms of hours per day, week, or month is essential. This assessment ensures informed decisions regarding resource allocation.

Do I need a full-time Controller or Finance Director?2023-07-04T04:54:45+00:00

This depends on various factors, including but not limited to size of organization, regulatory environment, industry, level of complexity and more.  A very broad general standard is 2-4% of revenues should be allocated towards your finance function in its entirety.

How can I trust finance outsourcing to do a better job?2023-07-04T04:54:54+00:00

It is up to every organization to do their own interviewing when it comes to finding the right solutions for their unique business circumstances, regardless of whether those solutions are hired in-house or outsourced. Elevate’s outsourced services provide clear timelines, metrics, outcomes, and communication feedback loops to build trust and reliance on the information provided.

How available will you and your team be for us?2023-07-12T14:19:49+00:00

We take pride in providing our clients with a seamless communication experience, making it feel as though we are just a few steps away. Our primary communication channels include Email, Teams, and Zoom, but we are also available through other means as needed. We understand that effective communication is essential for successful collaboration and project accomplishment. That’s why we ensure frequent touchpoints to share updates, discuss results, and address any roadblocks that may arise. We strive to respond to all messages within a reasonable timeframe, typically within 24-72 hours, depending on the level of urgency.

Who is our primary point of contact?2023-07-04T04:52:56+00:00

We assign a dedicated account manager and resources so you can always have at least one point of contact.

How much do these services cost?2023-07-12T14:20:36+00:00

The cost of our services can vary depending on factors such as the specific initiatives, timelines, and complexity involved. We determine the price after conducting a thorough assessment to ensure alignment with your organizational budgets. This allows us to prioritize initiatives and associated costs, enabling management to make informed decisions. By considering factors such as initiatives, timelines, and complexity, we work with your management team to determine a cost structure that suits your needs.

Will we have visibility and control over our accounting processes?2023-07-04T04:53:27+00:00

We share all workpapers with our clients and usually work off of their filing structure.  You can have as much or as little control over the accounting process that the company desires.  As part of our assessment, we will bring to your attention any areas in the process that can be improved, modified, or enhanced for better business value.

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